Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Bunny Kicker update 1.0.1 Released

Today TekkZoo Instruments has been uploading an update of their VST Sound Instrument Bunny Kicker.
The update adds High DPi graphics for a crisp, less blurry image on retina displays and other screens.
It also adds a "Check for Update" link to the instruments about page. 

Following that link will always tell you if you got the latest version of Bunny Kicker. The link is available here.

To install the update, log in to your members area on bestsynth.com or tekkzoo.com and check the download section.
After downloading the vstsound file, simply double click it and the Steinberg Library Manager should take it from there.

Hope you like it. More stuff is in the pipeline, as usual. Enjoy :)

If you do not yet have a Bunny Kicker license, head over to the shop and get your kicks!

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