Thursday, 31 August 2017

Creating a live set as a modern synth performer part 1

This is the first Video documenting the creation of the Tekknovator live setup, which will eventually be joined by drummer and mc. So far I settled on #Cubase as a host and #HALion for sounds. The #Linnstrument is split into one half channel per row and one half channel per note. This way I got full expression with the right hand and can trigger or play all kind of sounds with the left hand. And: Omg I need to freakin practice now 😱

Let me know if you are interested into the spicy details of the internals and I can write them up at a later point.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

HALion Scripting Resources

Composer and sound designer De Wet van der Spuy whom I stumbled upon while browsing the Steinberg HALion Forum has written a nice article for LUA noobs to get started with HALion scripting
It is a nice collection of resources and therefor deserves a bookmark :)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Tekknovator Drum and Bass Track Mixing in Progress

I have set up a Youtube channel for my music project called Tekknovator (surprise :P ).

It is a Bass focused breakbeat and electronics project for the hedonistic dance addicts and head cinema. Inspired by science fiction and society. Sometimes dark, sometimes sweet, often weird. Prepare for impact.

Found this video of the old studio. Can't wait until they finish the new one. All the music is purely Cubase stock plug-ins and HALion.

I hope some day I find the time to finish those tracks and publish them...

Btw, if you want to learn about electronic music production, send me a message and you can book a skype or facetime course with me.