Monday, 21 July 2014

Transformers Age Of Extinction and its impacts

My wife surprised me with a Germany release screening ticket for the latest Transformers output (always later then the international release) . Vice has been marking it as "the new high gloss trash" and I have to agree, but thats what makes it so amazing!
Behind the trash factor there is a lot more to this movie, an endless list of references from Goranger and Megazords over Gojira to Neon Genesis evangelion and other mecha culture stuff, there is even a nod to tentacle porn as the girl encounters the alien in the cage (I don't even remember any names of the human protagonists.) :P. All in all great, I was entertained and hooked. But seriously, don´t try to start thinking or all magic wears off. And also, as always if you think about transformers, don't try to search for creativity as the references listed above might as well be interpreted as lack of the latter. But since I got brainwashed to be a transformers fan as a kid and since I am big fan of remix and clash culture this still won't spoil the fun for me :D

Now, there was something else that caught my attention: The impact. Not the Impact of the movies actually, but rather the impacts in the Movie.
The frequency range by the majority of the impacts is more in the mids and upper lows rather then in the deep end.

It also seems to be an evolution: Transformers 1 introduced dancefloor style sounds in order to illustrate all kinds of events, most remarkably the transformations themselves.

But if you compare the trailers, impacts where pretty classic, bass heavy events with debris sparkle on top.

Wheras in age of extinction, the whole event choice and mix go even further into a dancefloor range. It makes sense, considering the popularity of EDM these days.

Listeners are used to be exposed to these kind of mixes over a long period of time.
It also makes sense on the drama level, while effectively illustrating the impact it leaves space for rumble if needed.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves across movies in the future.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Time for the bi annual update of my blog :P
Time flies!
Studio time? none!
who cares!
I can at least look at pics of my setup from time to time, and so should you:

Been moving house again since the last update because the landlord turned out to be a neo nazi asshole of a lawyer plus the house was humid. Sending out a big fuck you to that guy!
The new place has way more positive vibes about it, it is great.