Sunday, 18 December 2011

Unofficial LS maintainer/deinstaller

update: changed the filename to .command to make it easier to start. 

Wow, another Logic post. I really got to apologize for the lack of diversity and updates here, but my brain is currently occupied with virtualization stuff rather then music.
Nevertheless I thought it might be a good idea to publish a logic maintenance script I wrote for my personal use.
It really does nothing special, but runs a few commands to remove files and packages. You can open it with a text editor to see what exactly is going on.
A shell script ain't the most user friendly choice on a mac, but that's what I do. Also it might come in handy if you are working for a school or studio and want to nuke LS over apple remote desktop quickly.

This is the first version and only tested on one of my systems, so it might most likely break something. Especially if you have standalone compressor 4 or any other pro app installed. I suggest therefore to use it only for reinstallation/trouble shooting purposes (files deleted will be back in place after reinstallation) 

To run it, unzip the file and doubleclick the unzipped file.

AGAIN: Use this on your own risk, not recommended to run on a productive system! 

Grab the script here:

In case you want to link the script please link to this page here because I will update to the latest Version and provide info about changes.

Please let me know how it went for you in the comments, so I might add some changes/functionality