Sunday, 17 February 2013

Studio Setup Progress

Second desk has been cleaned up, its main purpose is having a space for experimentation and plug other stuff in.

The Laptop, running windows and linux as dual boot is wired to a mixer through an old Edirol UA 25 ( I must have that thing for almost 10 years now... when where these interfaces released?). This is for monitoring purpose only and might be replaced later by some audio over ethernet since both computers are directly connected through an ethernet cable with 1gb network. This should be enough bandwith to do midi syncing and quickly transfer files. The cable network is also on a different broadcast domain then then the wireless. RTP midi is already up and running great.

The mixer is connected to the main interface of my mac (Profire 2626)

Since the rack slot is on the right side of my main desk I can keep my headphones (ATH-M40/s) on wherever I move infront of these two desks :D

Under the desk are my material boxes with cables and some not so often used equipment. 

Stuff I might need more often has been moved into some drawers for quick access and connect to the mixer.

Oh, and before I forget: this has been rounding of the setup. I was looking everywhere to find it after moving house. Of course it has been in the least expexted box... no more unplugging the studio from the wall, just click :D