Monday, 21 January 2013

Wow, cool c64 Project reminds me of Mootant= 64

First of all sorry for hijacking this.

Just opened up the amazing Create Digital Music blog while sipping my morning coffee and was impressed by the Project of Alex Pleninger mentioned in this post:

Here are some of the videos presented in that article:

Find his youtube profile here, it is great for soundfreaks and hardware junkies:

A few years back I had a simpler idea than that, never got around to work on that though...
I thought that I might just post my old idea here, hoping someone will build something similar.

The idea is simple, just add a case on top of and existing c64 with a hinge to make it portable. That case  shall contain a screen (got an old playstation screen for that), paddle controllers, a mixer, some stomp box circuits and a patchbay.

Two satelite c64 will be connected to the "master" machine with a multiline cable carrying audio, din sync and power. Software was supposed to be prophet 64. All c 64 shall be modified with sid2sid.

No time to write any more about this, gotta rush to work. Hope someone picks this up :)

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