Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Moving to Lion install log 1

A lot of people are warning to move your studio setup  to Lion at this point. But since I got a new computer I had to move ahead, and to my surprise it is amazing (just don't expect a snappy user interface)!

This is my install log:

u-nboxed the computer and connected the additionally ordered Apple minidisplay port to VGA adapter with one of my old Philipps 170V screens (I am on a budget here, thats why I opted for mac mini in the first place).

-Starting the computer: works great, image quality as expected. Also nice: built in speaker with great quality for a small tin can like the min, impressive!

-After going through the usual registration, mobile me, user account etc stuff the first thing I do is run software update. There is quite a lot. After the update my system is on 10.7.2

-Once software update is through I run it again after the restart, just to make sure but there is nothing.

-setting up the Trackpad I ordered along: Amazing way to work :D Make sure you enable three finger drag, once this is on you will never go back (especially in XY controllers etc).

- Aaarg, can't connect my 2626 because I borrowed the only Firewire 400 to 800 cable to someone I do not remember :/
But I checked for a driver, it is still on the same version as before but shows up under OSX 10.7.2
Will test this as soon as I found my cable ( or got a new one)

- next I fire up the Mac Appstore. Go to the purchased tab and click install for Aperture, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Pixelmator, Unarchiver and Hype.
This is running smooth and reminds me of the advantages of digital distribution (being back in town with decent broadband) Afterwards I ran software update to get the additional content. Great, works, and works damned well! Did I already say that this mac mini is a real powerhouse? wow! Did not expect that, honestly.

- Now time for Logic, a yeah, there was something in the description saying that there is no optical drive. Starting to create an image on a different machine using disk utility because I do not want to interrupt a setup due to whatever reason (ie disconnects) over cd/dvd sharing.

- downloading Renoise, Reaper and macvim. All running great after install as usual.

- Logic image is done.
Copy it to the mac mini, start the installation.
Deselected all Content and Loops in custom install because I have that on an external drive.
After the installation, before starting anything from logic studio I run software update again.
Logic is on 9.1.5 afterwards plus some proapps/kit updates etc.
Starting logic, running great. Dragged my apple loops folder from the external disc in the loops browser > works.
Will transplant my old ~/Library/Application Support/Logic folder later.

Playing around with sculpture: amazing, never before could I run this many instances. This synth just shows how much of a bargain logic studio is. For sculpture alone I would happily pay the price of logic...but I am drifting off here.

- next up is automap 4.1. works flawless with a first generation remote sl 32

- now Native Instruments Komplete 5:

mounted the image > custom install > unselected all the Libraries (have them on an external drive) > works flawless, but it did not create a "Native Instruments folder, so I had to create one and move the apps.

Next thing: trying to start service center: fails
Downloaded flash 11 from > service center crashes
Downloaded service center from
> works

- try to activate product > unknown error > go back > try again > works

- 10 updates available > click download > waiting ...
- Still waiting
- cleaning the room a bit...
aaah, done :D

- double click on Absynth installer: not reacting, none of the Vise installers react until I reach the battery update mpkg > unable to locate standalone app.
- service center > overview > change path of every program to the location inside the native instruments folder.
try again > works!

Starting up logic in 32 bit mode, all plugins running great!

- Download Camel Audio Alchemy, works perfect.

- downloading blender 2.6a: 64 bit, works great.

Thats it for today.

Next up to do:
Toontrack Superior drummer 2 plus metal foundry, Drum spillage, TH2, Virtual Bass Amp and all the free stuff I use. Then hunt for the latest Korg Pad Kontrol and Roland Fantom drivers.

Will keep y'all posted about progress.

Now of to London for tomorrows Amond Tobin ISAM show :D

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